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Soul and Wit

Nov 28, 2022

It’s time to reset from a loud  weekend of holiday and Black Friday shopping. Here’s your guide for what to do if you feel overwhelmed or spent more than you wanted to this weekend. We’ll also share ideas for navigating the rest of the holiday season for you to enjoy your holidays this year. 


Favorite Things...

Nov 21, 2022

Gift giving season is here and even though we think it’s just fine NOT to exchange gifts, consumable gifts are our first choice. They are easy to gift and don’t leave behind a bunch of clutter. From candy and candles, to miles and books, you’ll enjoy these thoughtful ideas for your neighbors, co-workers, team,...

Nov 14, 2022

Tis the season! Courtney & Bailey bring you the Soul & Wit Holiday Extravaganza. This duo talk all about what to watch, eat, and read this holiday season. Consider this your guide to the best shows, books, and recipes to enjoy with your family. 


Favorite Things Bailey: 

New Olive and June Press-Ons

Fresh Fruit from...

Nov 7, 2022

In honor of the first week of November, Courtney & Bailey are sharing unexpected ways to give back. From giving away books and sending thank you notes, to doing more activities in your neighborhood, over-tipping, leaving positive reviews, and supporting locals, this episode is a reminder that a little goes a long...